Can I get a different band?

We do not offer alternate band choices. However, the PaceWatch uses a standard spring pin attachment. You should be able to use any 22 mm aftermarket band. Your local watch repair shop can replace the band for you. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, Gear Patrol has some nice instructions for replacing a watch band at their website.

Can I use the PaceWatch in salt water?

While the PaceWatch case is made of marine grade stainless steel, which provides excellent corrosion resistance, it is not resistant to warm sea water. If your PaceWatch becomes exposed to salt water, rinse it thoroughly in fresh water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

How do I replace the battery?

We’ve had a few customers run into some difficulties attempting a battery replacement themselves. Unless you have experience replacing the battery on a large-diameter snap-back case, we strongly encourage you to have your local watch repair shop perform this operation for you. That is the best way to ensure that the water-resistance of your PaceWatch is not compromised.

If you choose not to heed this warning and decide to perform the operation yourself, you will need to purchase a SR621SW watch battery, which is readily available in stores. You will also need a small, regular-head screwdriver and a soft cloth (to protect the coating of your PaceWatch).

    1. Place your PaceWatch face down on the cloth.
    2. Locate the notch near the top of the case back.
    3. Protect the lug nearest the notch with a corner of the cloth, insert the head of the screwdriver beneath the notch and use the lug as leverage to pop off the case back.
    4. Insert the head of the screwdriver below the dead battery and gently pop it out.
    5. Insert the new battery, positive (+) side up.
    6. Position the case back, making sure the notch is in the right position and taking care not to remove or damage the gasket on the case back.
    7. Pop the case back into place with firm pressure. You may need to walk your thumb around the edge to pop it in on all sides.

Can I get the PaceWatch in another color?

In the spirit of Henry Ford, you can have the PaceWatch in whatever color you want, as long as it is red. We chose the color red for two reasons:

    1. So it stands out from all of those boring black sports watches, and
    2. So you can find it easily in the depths of your swim bag or the depths of the pool (should you happen to accidentally drop it in the water).

We know that red isn’t everyones favorite color. If you’d like to see us make the PaceWatch in a different color in the future, please send your color request to

Can I adjust the PaceWatch underwater?

We designed the PaceWatch with a waterproof crown, so you don’t have to worry about whether the watch is above water or below water when you adjust it, but aside from synchronizing your PaceWatch with a wall-mounted pace clock at the beginning of your swim session, there’s really no need to adjust your PaceWatch while you’re swimming.